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Research shows that divers who receive no environmental briefing make contact with the coral reef on average, eight times per dive. 80% of these contacts are damaging and only 35% of all contacts are unintentional. As a result of receiving an environmental briefing, contacts are reduced from eight to one or two per dive, with less than 30% of these causing damage and 80% of all contacts being unintentional.


Read more in the Environmental Dive Briefing - for professional divers 

Available in 12 different languages

Applications Open for Red Sea Dive Leader Project™ | FREE Online Training

The principle behind the scheme is to train dive guides and diving instructors to a level of competence in monitoring marine life and adjacent land habitats, not only in the Red Sea but in any area of tropical waters. Red Sea Dive Leader Project™ will help to protect the marine natural resources in many ways.

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