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The Red Sea Project team works tirelessly to promote better understanding of the Marine Ecosystems through our programs, engaging with local communities, students, special education groups and our social media platform. Our goals are to dispel myths about marine environment, cultivate a sense of stewardship for the Red Sea and oceans and grow conservation-conscious communities around the world.

We work with ecologists, professional divers, marine biologists, educators, educational institutions and local or international NGO’s to establish and implement educational programs that are mainly aiming to:

  • Educate students, teachers, and community members about the Red Sea Ecosystems.

  • Create hands-on, collaborative projects for students and teachers that will help conserve our ecosystem.

  • Engage students, teachers, and community members in stewardship of their natural resources and impart a conservation ethic.

  • Support local researchers.

  • Increase ocean literacy by creating awareness about marine ecosystems, the threats posed, and how people can help preserve these diverse ecosystems.


Programs are science-based, ensuring we provide individuals and education groups with unparalleled insight into the secret world of the red sea. We pride ourselves on experiential, hands-on educational programming and offer multiple programs for school groups and team building.

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