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Red Sea Sharks Project

The Red Sea is renowned for its high shark diversity, with a total of 49 shark species found in the area encompassing the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden. Sharks have adapted to inhabit a wide variety of habitats, including even the most extreme environments of our oceans. They therefore exhibit very different biological, ecological and behavioural adaptations to survive in a multitude of environments.

Being predators and often apex predators, sharks play a very important role in the function of ecosystems by keeping populations in balance and healthy, therefore allowing for ecosystems to thrive.

Unfortunately, most species are overexploited by fisheries as a result of a lack of monitoring of these industries. Many sharks are often illegally hunted for their flavourless fins, used in the shark fin soup which is also harmful for human consumption due to high levels of toxins. Their overexploitation, both through targeted and incidental catches (bycatch), has led to a huge decrease in their numbers and is a true threat to marine ecosystems.

The Red Sea Project aims to protect shark diversity throughout the Red Sea and to reveal the truth about their false bad reputation. The Red Sea Shark Projects also aims to raise awareness and respect for these majestic predators, and give insight into their Biology, Ecology and Conservation.

The goals of Red Sea Sharks Project are:
• To introduce you to the Biology, Ecology and Conservation of sharks.
• To raise awareness about their ecological role and the threats they are exposed to.
• To recognize the importance of protection and conservation of sharks and provide an opportunity to participate in conservation and citizen science programs.

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