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Marine Conservation Internship

Application Open July, August and September 2024
Red Sea - Egypt | Field Program

In this internship program, you will have the opportunity to help with the conservation of the underwater ecosystem and the marine parks. Of course, This involves identification training for marine wildlife such as turtles, fish, corals and invertebrates. You’ll also be taught about coral baseline surveying, a key skill in marine conservation, and globally accepted approach to monitoring the state of coral reefs.

Marine conservation internship opportunities aren’t just for certified divers, they are also a chance for you to start your diving career in the best possible way. You can take your scuba diving course and get certified during the program, before using your new skills to benefit the marine environment! Learning to dive opens a window into a new and exciting underwater world.


All trainers in this program are highly experienced in working with participants from different backgrounds and cultures. All the water activities are conducted according to the standards of the Professional Association for Diving Instructors PADI.

You will be fully involved in all aspects of the organization while learning about the marine ecosystems and key species (sharks, dolphins, fish, turtles, dugongs, etc.). Working closely alongside the group's leaders and crew, interns will learn about different aspects of field research methodologies with specific training on data collection and equipment.

Program focus:
  • Red Sea Ecosystems and Biodiversity

  • Environmental Laws and Regulations

  • Marine Park Management

  • Sustainable Tourism

  • Coral reef and sea-grass survey techniques

  • Coral Bleach

  • Mega Fauna and key species identification

  • Climate Change

  • ICZM Integrated Coastal Zone Management

  • Marine Citizen Science

  • Research methods and data management


In early August 2021, I discovered The RED SEA PROJECT™ . As a keen environmentalist, studying geography at university and having worked with several different organizations, from the IUCN, Think Pacific on the marketing strategy for The Fiji National Ocean Plan and My Carbon Zero, an NGO tackling carbon emission, I was excited at the opportunity of going to work in the field of marine conservation.... Read More


RED SEA PROJECT™ | Red Sea, Egypt

Requirements and Fees
  • Participants need to be 18 years or over, with a good level of fitness and agility to participate in this program.

  • It is mandatory to have adequate travel insurance and Scuba diving insurance.

  • Interns must complete the program’s paperwork and agree to terms and conditions.

  • Provide a copy of your COVID-19 vaccination record

  • This is a paid program, RED SEA PROJECT™ can support your student grant proposal. Please contact us for more information.

Do you have questions about our work, or would you like to learn more about our programs? We would love to hear from you! Fill out our contact form below or send email  and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

By applying to this program you agree to terms and conditions of RED SEA PROJECT™

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