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We are working on a great variety of different programs, all of them focusing on marine conservation and we're more than happy to welcome you and your helping hands as a marine conservation volunteer. Here you can choose from a variety of different projects, each having a different focus. There are some programs that focus mainly on work underwater, including scuba diving. This is your chance to observe some of the most interesting sea life. Volunteer for marine conservation and help the reef, sea turtles, sharks, whale sharks and so many more!

Projects other than marine conservation are engaged in work that needs to be done on land, such as cleaning the islands and the coastlines or working together with the local communities. Educating the locals on the importance of marine conservation is essential for future work in the field of marine conservation. To find the perfect volunteering option for you, we'll need to take your interests and knowledge into account.

Volunteers are part of the team and are involved in day to day duties, campaigns, events and activities. During this period, volunteers might contribute by doing some online based work including social media management, research, design of material or activities, article writing, proof editing and much more!

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