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From students to students

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Lycée Français du Caire - April 2022 (Autism Awareness day)

101 is an initiative elaborated by a group of very motivated students in the Lycee Francais Du Caire and whose main goal was at first to strive for a better, more inclusive society that helps create responsible and mindful citizens of the future. As the years went by, and the scope of our projects widened, the protection and conservation of the environment came to be one of our main goals. That is why we have collaborated with RED SEA PROJECT™ since September of 2021.


Lycée Français du Caire - May 2022 (Red Sea ecosystems' protection awareness campaign)

The collaborative project between Red Sea Project and 101 was launched thanks to our multiple shared objectives; both organisations adhere to at least 7 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals put in place by United Nations. The idea of the project was to establish a long term partnership with RED SEA PROJECT™, built on our shared objective of protecting the Red Sea. We would strive for this goal by enabling our volunteers to interact with researchers and specialists, discover the tools used for observation and environmental protection to be able to partake in an awareness raising campaign.


NIOF in Hurghada - June 2022 

This ambitious project was undertaken over the long term: it officially began in September of 2021, when the outline of the project was announced. The project was divided into two phases. Phase one, that took place from September to March, consisted of documentation work and the creation of a library of illustrations of the many species of cetaceans in the Red Sea, inspired by NOAA fisheries.

In addition to that, after many hours of documentation work, three beautiful web pages were also elaborated in Arabic, French and English to present the different species of turtles In the Red Sea to kids. On the website pages you can access fun interactive games built by our volunteers using LearningApps. 

Last but not least, an educational board game set in the bay of Abu Dabbab was designed and translated to French and Arabic to raise awareness about these turtles. This material is open source and available via links at the bottom of each page.


Cetaceans of the Red Sea illustrations inspired by NOAA Fisheries

Board game design 

The second phase of the project was a six-day trip to Marsa Alam during the end of June where our volunteers met and assisted all kinds of professionals, from filmmakers to marine biologists. They were also introduced to observation, tracing and analysis techniques for marine life such as the use of telescopes, binoculars, anemometers and GPS among other tools. Most especially, they also learned how to study the condition of corals using the Coral Watch method, which was developed by the university of Queensland

101 Team on board of Lady M - June 2022

And that’s not all! Our volunteers were also immersed in the cultural environment of Marsa Alam, meeting with 45 kids from the Ababda tribe residing in the area, and organising a day of fun activities with them, centred around raising awareness for the protection of the Red Sea. The activities included playing the 101 designed board game, the making of colourful bracelets and immersive storytelling by one of our volunteers. A donation of bags and notebooks on the theme of environmental protection was also made by 101 to the kids of the Ababda tribe, to encourage them to take initiative too! Additionally, the volunteers took part in a beach clean-up, organised by the PADI AWARE foundation. They also met with the head of PADI Middle East, Ahmed Sayed, who personally thanked them for their efforts.

Wadi el Gemal mangroves clean up - June 2022

At school, while the 101 team was hard at work documenting and researching, two volunteers took part in the Budding Ambassadors competition organised by the AEFE centred on the question: “Seas and Oceans, what’s at stake for the planet?”. They were greatly helped in their work by data Red Sea Project had already collected on the matter and was generous enough to share. Their work, that materialised in the form of a brilliantly thought-out video, was hugely successful; it was eventually selected as one of the winners of the Middle Eastern Region.

In October 2022, our two volunteers won the Jury's Favourite prize (coup de cœur) for their outstanding video on Seas and Oceans, in the world competition organised by AEFE and in which French schools, all around the planet, participated.

RED SEA PROJECT™ - 101  (2).jpg

Budding Ambassadors competition preparation - February 2022

After an incredibly productive and fruitful year, 101 is determined to continue working with Red Sea Project, and striving to make a positive change. That’s why we have trained our volunteers to be able to accompany and supervise primary school students and we hope that they will fill this role during the next trip in May 2023!


Thanks to the great success of the first board game, 101 is working on an educational game to raise awareness on the slaughter of sharks. In addition to that, an interactive book is also in the works, to alert young kids about issues that marine ecosystems are facing.

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