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Red Sea Scientific Diving Project

Scientific divers use specialized expertise to study the underwater environment and utilize scuba or other diving equipment as a tool. The primary role of a scientific diver is that of an observer and data gatherer. Common activities include visual measurements and counts of living organisms, collection of biological or physical samples, underwater surveys, photography, and placement of scientific equipment.

Scientific divers therefore play an important role in marine conservation and research as the tasks they perform are essential for researchers and help monitor the health of the marine ecosystem. A scientific diver can also perform more complex tasks as they have received the necessary training and have gained the necessary skills.

This is an intensive training program designed to meet all the competency standards of the European Scientific Diver qualification. The course is aimed towards anyone interested in working in the marine conservation industry, for conservation NGOs, or working with marine parks.

The goals of Red Sea Scientific Diving Project are:
• To introduce you to the Scientific Diving methods necessary requirements for underwater surveys.
To provide you with the required training prior to getting involved in marine research.
• To provide you with knowledge, you’ll need to become a scientific diver. And to provide you with opportunities to participate in research programs.

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