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Red Sea Sea-grass Project.png

Red Sea Citizen Science Project

Citizen Science is the collaboration between scientists, and volunteers from the general public, to gather and/or analyse data relating to the natural world. With regard to the ocean, it has a special role to play as Citizen Science is a vital tool to promote ocean literacy and engage citizens in coastal and off-shore research.

Whether you’re a scuba diver, snorkeler, boat captain, or beachcomber there always is a science project that you can participate in and support marine conservation (such as ocean exploration, education, preservation, and rehabilitation).

With the data on sightings that marine citizen scientists provide, researchers can capture migration patterns, determine home ranges, and detect new breeding grounds of a species. This will also further provide government agencies the necessary data to establish sanctuary zones or seasonal area closures. Documenting sightings of endangered species can also offer a unique opportunity for the public to glimpse rare species.

The goals of Red Sea Citizen Science Project are:

• Introduce you to the concept of citizen science and to guide you through it.
• Help you observe and grow your understanding of the marine environment through sightings documentation of endangered species as well as through your participation in citizen science programs.
• Provide you with different opportunities to participate in various marine conservation and citizen science programs.

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