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Red Sea Dive Leader Project

The principle behind the scheme is to train dive guides and diving instructors to a level of competence in monitoring marine life and adjacent land habitats, not only in the Red Sea but in any area of tropical waters. The Red Sea Dive Leader Project™ will help to protect marine natural resources in many ways.

Foremost is by offering information, advice and assistance to the public. The “Public” means everybody who is in contact with marine ecosystems. Many of the issues caused by the “Public” are often due to ignorance or misunderstanding rather than malice. By being an important point of contact between the authorities, and the visitors, the local community, Red Sea Dive Leader Project will certainly help to alleviate conflicts and reduce the issues caused by the “Public”.

The program will help you to directly contribute in conservation and enhancement of the natural beauty, wildlife and cultural heritage. The Red Sea Dive Leader Project™ will support your presence in the diving market by Promoting opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Marine Ecosystems.

The Goals of the Red Sea Dive Leader Project are:

• To introduce you to the concept of Dive Leader and the role you will play.
• To raise awareness about the current threats to the marine ecosystems and how we contribute to them.
• To provide you with opportunities to develop the required skills to become a dive leader as well as training sessions. To provide you with the opportunity to help protect the marine ecosystem by reacting to incidents and reporting violations in an efficient manner.

This program is conducted in line with our activities as members and part of PADI AWARE Foundation™ and Torchbearer Community

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