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Omar Hisham

Zoologist | Research Assistant

Omar is a Zoologist and Research Assistant at RED SEA PROJECT™. He has recently graduated from Bangor University - BSc in Zoology with Animal Behaviour with a First class. Omar joined us back in September for a 3 month internship. Here's what Omar said about his experience:
" many of them. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I reflect upon my time as a long-term intern. Through the RED SEA PROJECT™ I was exposed to a range of data collection methods taught through lectures and in field training. These include turtle surveys, seagrass surveys, biodiversity surveys, coral reef surveys and dolphin population surveys. I was also blessed with the opportunity to get into wildlife photography; both above and below the waves.
Being trusted with professional photography equipment allowed me to learn and practice whilst simultaneously collecting data. I have discovered my passion for wildlife photography through RED SEA PROJECT™. I can even proudly say that my camera tracking skills have drastically improved, in some cases I can even just point and shoot!
During my internship I have also had the opportunity to develop my team leadership skills through which I trained, supervised and supported other volunteers in a variety of data collection methods. This also involved managing and organising day to day activities."
Thank you Omar, We admire your dedication to always putting forth excellent work. Thank you for setting such a fantastic example!

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