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Kirsty Scott

Marine Biologist

Born in Edinburgh Scotland, I spent weekends at the beach and summers on the Mediterranean coastline leading to my initial interest in marine science. This is what led me to embark on my BSc. Marine Biology at Newcastle University where I graduated in 2017. A highlight of my bachelor’s degree was a field course I attended at the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Science (BIOS), the clear and vibrant waters a stark contrast to my native Scottish coastline. This is what spurred me to attend the Red Sea Summer Course at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) in Saudi Arabia, here I was impressed by the facilities and opportunities available at KAUST, jumping at the chance to conduct my MSc. Marine Science there.

As part of the Reef Ecology Lab, my masters research looked at nest site selection of marine turtles on the Saudi Arabian coast of the Red Sea. My time at KAUST afforded me the opportunities to participate in lots of field work for my own research and to assist my colleagues, including a research cruise to the southern Red Sea and a large green turtle satellite tagging project in the northern Red Sea. Through this experience I have become a proficient scientific diver, currently a certified diver and AAUS scientific diver, qualifications that I hope to build on. Working for the Red Sea Project I hope to build on my knowledge of the Red Sea as well as improve my scientific communication skills, by devising courses that are digestible and engaging for the general public. Ultimately, I hope to achieve greater ocean awareness to instil marine stewardship and encourage more sustainable use of the ocean’s resources.

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