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Kate Hill

Junior Researcher | Intern

I have Just completed my second year studying Bsc Marine Biology at the University of Plymouth. I have a strong interest in the tropics and a passion for protecting marine life and the environment.
Previously, I had the opportunity to work with the National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, learning how to care for and maintain their tropical fish species. This work solidified my desire to join the RED SEA PROJECT™, working with tropical marine species and studying what they require to thrive in their environment.
Working with the RED SEA PROJECT™ has given me the opportunity to gain experience in the field, learning a variety of non-invasive survey methods to monitor the health of the red sea ecosystem. It has also enabled me to expand my knowledge of red sea marine species, how they interact with their environment and how to protect them from the daily threats they encounter.
I have also had the chance to grow personally and acquire key skills enabling me to engage with the public through citizen science, instructing them on how to interact with the local marine life safely and contribute to the organisation non-invasively. Having the opportunity to deliver presentations and demonstrations to interns and volunteers with the organisation I have been able to hone my leadership abilities. The RED SEA PROJECT™ ethics motivate me to protect the marine environment and working alongside key academia’s in the scientific field such as Dr Irina Springuel, Dr Omar Attum and Ahmed Fouad has inspired me to pursue a future in scientific research and conservation.

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