Kaila Wheatley Kornblum

Marine Biologist | Trainer

Kaila is a passionate and dedicated Marine and Freshwater Biology student currently finishing her BSc. Hons. degree at Aberystwyth University. She is doing her dissertation on shark fisheries, aiming to better understand the patterns of global shark population decline.

Kaila is a positive communicator with great experince through volunteering in the environment sector, coaching, and mentoring.

She is also Co-Founder, Trainer, and Biologist of the Red Sea Project, educating on Marine Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and diving guidelines, as well as writing educational page content and presentation scripts in English, German and Spanish. She also is a PADI Divemaster with dive training and teaching experience.

Throughout her studies she has honed skills in research, data analysis, and problem-solving, with considerable practical experience in ecological surveying and fieldwork. Kaila grew up trilingual and is a confident and adaptable communicator, with leadership skills gained through working on the Red Sea Project, as a Peer Mentor, in a dive school, as a waitress and handball trainer and through representing her University during Science week.

Kaila learned to love the ocean ever since she was young, and she is very passionate and fascinated by the diversity of life that can be found living within and along our oceans. She wants people to care and treat the ocean and all its associated life with more respect, and to educate people on how we are exploiting and polluting our oceans to a highly unsustainable degree.

She strongly believes that knowledge is one of the keys to efficient conservation and therefore is dedicated to sharing her experiences through educational talks, underwater photography and by teaching people to dive. Kaila believes that if people can see the astonishing beauty of the world underneath the surface, they will care more about it and will help to protect it. We are all dependent and are responsible for the future of our oceans, just as Sylvia Earle said: “No water, no life, no blue, no green”.

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