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Gizem Koç

Marine Biologist | Research Assistant

As she has always had a passion for wildlife conservation Gizem graduated with a MSc in ‘Global Biodiversity Conservation’ from the University of Sussex. During her undergraduate and postgraduate courses, she gained experiences in conservation genetics and marine fieldwork. She was employed as a sea turtle researcher in Turkey for a year after graduating.

There she worked in the lab conducting population genetic studies, on the beach during the nesting season, as well as in the rehabilitation center to raise awareness about the threats posed to sea turtles by human activities. Through her experiences, she would like to continue to contribute to the protection of marine organisms.

Gizem belive that being a research assistant RED SEA PROJECT™ is an important part of her career by learning more about different marine ecosystems of the Red Sea and conservation methods. Her aim is to start a PhD program after gaining new skills in marine biology.

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