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Charlotte Law

Marine Zoologist | Research Assistant

I recently completed my Bachelors degree in Zoology with Marine Zoology at Bangor University, Wales. Here I was able to gain the knowledge and techniques required for me to be able to explore my passion for the marine world.

Whilst intrigued by all the natural world has to offer, throughout my studies I found myself gravitating towards marine and conservation topics, hence my choice to specialise in marine zoology during my second year. This enabled me to focus my studies on areas such as marine habitats, biodiversity, and conservation, with my main interest being Elasmobranchs. Being introduced to these areas academically sparked an interest for me to explore marine research and conservation out in the field.

I had to opportunity to carry out field research in Tenerife with the Atlantic Whale and dolphin Foundation (AWdF), collecting data on cetacean species found in southern Tenerife. After this, I was introduced to the Red Sea Project, and proceeded to join as an intern in September 2022. Here I learnt data collection and research methods, engaged in citizen science, and also gained my PADI Open Water Diver qualification. I then returned in November 2022, as a team leader to continue learning and developing, as well as being able to pass on my knowledge to the new interns. The Red Sea Project’s work and values, inspires me to become the best conservationist I can, and I strive to continue my contributions with the project both in Egypt and back at home.

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