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Ahmed Fouad


Throughout the years Fouad worked closely with different governmental and civil society organizations at all levels on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Resilience, Environmental Protection, Environmental Mitigation, Marine and Land conservation and been involved in several evaluations intended to identify environmental compliance and management systems implementation gap in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aqaba.

PADI Master Instructor and Commission Member of the World Commission on Protected Areas of the IUCN - the International Union for Conservation of Nature. specialties of Management Effectiveness Network, Marine Network, North Africa, West Asia and Middle East Region, Tourism and Protected Areas Network and IUCN WCPA-SSC Biodiversity and Protected Areas Network.

Active in international policy forums related to Coral Reef and Marine Ecosystems Management and Ecological resilience and have served on both local and regional projects to support National Parks and Protected Areas. his academic background is in Legal Sciences, Environmental Audit and Environmental Management.

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