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Giant ghost net lifted off the Dolphin House

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

The contribute of the Egyptian Red Sea coast which stretches 1080 kilometers in length is only half percent of the national fish production in Egypt. If this indicates anything, it shows that this important industry "Fishing", is on its way to extinction. The decrease of fish production volume is the biggest challenge local fishermen are facing.

Deterioration of fisheries is the major threat to the economic situation for local fishermen. increases unemployment in those communities which is a direct result of over-fishing activities. Deterioration of fisheries is mainly caused by mismanagement of natural resources especially in areas with a high environmental value such as islands and off-shore reefs.

100m long ghost net removed by professional divers and the crew of Emperor Superior on the16th of octobre 2020.

Sha'ab El Erg - Hurghada, Red Sea.

While the Egyptian fisheries are influenced by several authorities, fishing activities and is mainly organized by the General Authority for Fish Resources Development. Unfortunately, The weakness of performance is the major cause for the deterioration of fish stocks in the region.

Additionally, the sudden spread in use of horse-hair nets , fishing with poison, guns, dynamite and electric shocks which are all prohibited by law has led to an unprecedented deterioration of fish stocks, as well as several species of colorful fish and sea turtles that are the backbone of the tourism activities in the region as well as making the Red Sea the most vast in biodiversity.

Fishing fleets from Suez and others from outside of Red Sea Governorate and after the destruction of their fisheries in Manzala and Bardawil are heading to destroy the Red Sea's natural resources through trawl fishing and other destructive methods.

Nets washing away in the depths of the sea destroy everything in their way and it by-catch a variety of fish from all sizes and weights.

Thus actions eliminate migratory of fish and the destruct coral reefs leaving no room for the local fishermen to fish in the ways that have been always balanced and sustainable

On Friday, the 16th of October 2020; Guides, guests and crew of Emperor Superior were forced into action and removed a 100m long ghost fishing net on the very popular dive site Sha'ab El Erg (Dolphins House). Unfortunately; a few fishes and corals were already condemned by this time. They managed to record it, remove it and report it to the authorities.

A big thank you to all concerned and a big thank you to the Egyptian Navy and Coast Guard for their intensive efforts to protect our natural resources and their immediate responses to illegal fishing.We strongly encourage reporting any suspicious fishing activity, especially at dive sites, to the Navy and Coast Guard.We will continue to do our utmost to defend the natural resources of the Red Sea and take all necessary measures to conserve and protect them.

Author: Ahmed Fouad

Photos courtesy: Roland Ambauen




If you spot marine debris or discarded fishing nets anywhere in the Red Sea, sharing that information with us would help us a lot.This information will help us to better conduct our marine protection work .Sometimes it is difficult to determine the exact location or size of the ghost net. To confirm your report, we kindly ask you to add a photo or short video, or add a link for us to download it.We will share your report with our partners and community members and organize the cleanup accordingly.


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