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Updated: Jul 14, 2020

The Ababda are nomadic pastoralists, who graze their herds on the vegetation found in the wadi. They build huts called “birsh” out of tree branches and cover them with matting made from dom palm fiber. They live mainly on milk and dhurra, the latter eaten raw or roasted.

Ababda camel traders can often be found doing business in Upper Egyptian camel markets. The two largest of these markets are in Daraw on the river and Shalatayn on the coast. Daraw seems to be near the territorial borders of both the Ababda and Bishariah tribes, they both trade at that market.

The Ababda are considered skilled herders and camel breeders. Children will learn to identify all the individual tracks of animals that belong to the family.They are very superstitious and are indifferent toward material things. They have a deep respect for nature, are self-sufficient, hospitable and have great tribal solidarity.

Author and photos © : Ahmed Fouad


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