Vittoria Correale

Marine Biologist | Trainer

I come from Italy and I’m a marine biologist, scuba diving and a freediving instructor. But above all I’m a Sea passionate, I love the Oceans and all its creatures, and there with them is where I feel really at home!

I did my Master's degree in Marine Biology and Biological Oceanography. I have a real passion for sharks, my first love, but all marine animals and plants, and all what’s in between, are my brothers and sisters, cousins and relatives!

That’s why I decided to invest my energies and my skills to care and protect this fragile and priceless environment, that connects and sustain us all, precious spring of resources and beauty in our lives. A lot is said in our days about environmental crisis and pollution issues, but perhaps not enough about how much a change, even a small one, in every single one of us, in our vision of the World and our little everyday actions and choices, could be effective in the resolution of these apparently unsolvable problems.

Each one of us can make a real difference, everyday! The Red Sea Project, aiming to educate each person and thus raising people awarness on the Red Sea environment and creatures, and their fragility, it just represents what I believe will be the winning strategy: creating an army of sensitive and aware people, that together will finally win the our days battle for the Earth well-being!