Regina Streltsov

Junior Researcher

Growing up in a family where we spent every vacation camping close to the Ocean, I always loved it like my second home. But living in Germany, Marine Biology seemed so far away for me, so I decided to become a teacher as I enjoy sharing my passion with others. After finishing my degree in Musk and Biology to become a teacher, I decided to take a year off and travel the world a little. In Malaysia, I got the opportunity to start diving, and that was it. I just never stopped again.

I travelled to Australia, where I worked in a Dive school in the big Conservation Area of Moreton Bay Marine Park, where I worked with Manta Rays almost every day. I became an SSI Dive professional and decided to change my Carrere. Back in Germany, I studied again and spent a year on the Azores to specialise in Marine Biology, working with Dusky Groupers and Kelp. Earning different skills in research, Data processing and problem-solving throughout my study, I hope to pursue a PhD in Marine Biology soon. Hopefully, in the field of my great love, Elasmobranchii and Cetacea

I love the ocean and feel very fortunate to learn more about it every day. I believe that showing its beauty and value to others is the only way to make people understand how important it is to save our marine ecosystems. Being a Teacher, Professional Diver and passionate Free Diver is a great help in this task.

My motivation behind joining the RED SEA PROJECT™ is to work on my career as a marine biologist and ocean conservationist, to gain hands-on experience in fieldwork, data gathering and hopefully develop a strong PhD project.