Pia Ditzel

Junior Researcher

Pia is currently conducting her Master studies in Marine Sciences at the University of Milano-Bicocca in Italy. Her love and fascination for the ocean started when she was little, mostly through aquaria and sea life documentaries since Germany is not really known for its warm and colourful waters. Her diving career started in a German lake but soon after she went to see other oceanic waters in Japan, Italy, Kenya, Ibiza, or Australia.

After she finished her B.Sc in Biology in Germany she joined a Marine Conservation Program in Fiji where she also completed the training for her PADI Divemaster and worked in a dive center for a couple of months. At this point she was certain that her future career would be in the ocean fighting against climate change, the destruction of the marine environment, and the protection of the ocean.

As a part of her Master studies, she worked as a Marine Biologist in a resort in the Maldives. The time there showed her how important it is to inform people about the problems the ocean is facing, from coral bleaching to biodiversity loss, plastic pollution, and ocean acidification. This is why Pia decided to join the RED SEA PROJECT™, to be part of a group trying to achieve the same goals as her, protecting marine species and involving tourists and citizens into Marine Science to raise their awareness.