Anita Ankarlou

Marine Conservation Intern

I was born in Stockholm, Sweden and raised in a small town on the Red Sea coast called El Gouna since I was only 2 months old. My dad being a captain allowed me to experience the underwater world since I was a baby. I grew a deep passion for the ocean and started scuba diving at 8 years old. Two years ago I started freediving and recently got my freediving certification.

Growing up practically in the ocean, I saw the wonders of the ocean but also the negative impacts that the oceans have faced. My love for the ocean grew into a lifestyle and therefore decided that I want to study Marine Biology and Oceanography at the University of Queensland in Australia when I graduate.

I joined Red Sea Project in hopes of being able to protect the environment I spent the majority of my life in and consider home. We need to protect the marine ecosystems and marine life to the best of our abilities if we still want flourishing life in the future!